Get the right financial support & Take Control of Your Finances
Many of us find ourselves financially stretched from time to time. Often things can get back to normal but if you don't act as soon as you know there's a real problem, your debts could get worse. That's why we're here to help you find the right solution to your individual financial difficulties and that's only in terms of profit sharing without a PAYBACK.
How it works?
Take Control of Your Finances by purchasing the online recharge software at with R1250.00 (inclusive of tax) & become a profit sharing partner upto some levels.
Payumagic is introducing a Liability Free Plan with Online & SMS Based Mobile / DTH / Data Card Recharge Portal which cost worth
R 1250.00 + R 500.00 (Mobile Activation Fee) against we give you 2.3% commission on your every recharge with 5 levels of your affiliates. Also get complete history of your every recharge along with a business opportunity.
On your purchase of online recharge software get the Bonus of R 200.00 in your Recharge Wallet.
Who will become a profit sharing partner?
No need of any worries, this is not like other ponzi schemes, this is a affiliate marketing concept. Its an assured Profit sharing system where you need not pay again & again. You will get your profit from company benefit automatically. Rush in the system prior to others to get the maximum benefits.
( R 1250.00 against recharge software (Also from this R 800.00 used for profit sharing through Company) and additional R 200.00 Recharge bonus will credited to your recharge wallet.)
May I Join for Free?
Get Free Joining*, Earn Commission from 0 to 2% on Every Recharge. (Commission deduction percentage from 0.5% to 2.3% till deduction amount becomes R 1500.00). Get activated after commission deduction amount of R 1500.00.
Activation will give following Benefits
Get 2.3% Commission On Every Recharge Get Profit Sharing Benefit
Direct Referral Bonus Matching Referral Bonus
Can I Recharge Mobile Through SMS?
YES! Get the advantage of our new facility named "SMS Based Recharge". As world moves on Technology, we are also armed with these techniques to make everyone's life simple and fast. This facility will allow you to Recharge mobile just through a Single SMS. Just Pay Mobile activation fees
R 500.00.
Provides you the convenience of recharging your mobile services from anywhere in the India and at anytime, without visiting any retail shop or making any calls. All you need to send a single SMS from your mobile specifying the recharge amount.
What is the benefit of Recharge Software on every Recharge?
After the purchase of our product we offers more benefits to our client in terms of recharge commission on every recharge to the account. We have kept the best possible margin for our customers.
As you have a recharge to your account get the additional benefit of 2.3% recharge commission on every recharge top-up amount instantly. Direct sponsor of you and onward upto next 5 levels have the benefit of 0.1% recharge commission on your recharge amount.
(for example please see chart)
Level Member Count Intervals Recharge Top-up
per Day
Total Recharge Balance Amount Per Day Commission Percentage Commission Received Per Day
  First You 1000.00     1000.00 2.3%     25.00  
  Second   5 1000.00     5000.00 0.1%      5.00  
  Third 25 1000.00   25000.00 0.1%     25.00  
  Fourth 125 1000.00 125000.00 0.1%    125.00  
  Fifth 625 1000.00  625000.00 0.1%    625.00  
  Sixth 3125 1000.00 3125000.00 0.1%     625.00  
  You Can Earn Recharge Commission Per day R 3930.00  
What we get when we give?
The Magical benefit system will give you back your blessings as profit sharing in terms of interval
Funding Intervals Send Fund Intervals Amount Step for Profit sharing Magic Pool Profit sharing magic Pool Amount
  PRODUCT FUND 1 x 1250.00 1250.00           
        1ST MAGIC 1 x 800    800.00  
        2ND MAGIC 2 x 800    1600.00  
        3RD MAGIC 3 x 800    2400.00  
  FUND INTERVAL 2 x 1000.00 2000.00        
        4TH MAGIC 4 x 800 3200.00  
        5TH MAGIC 5 x 800 4000.00  
  FUND INTERVAL 3 x 1000.00 3000.00        
        6TH MAGIC 6 x 800 4800.00  
        7TH MAGIC 7 x 800 5600.00  
  FUND INTERVAL 4 x 1000.00 4000.00        
        8TH MAGIC 8 x 800 6400.00  
        9TH MAGIC 9 x 800 7200.00  
  FUND INTERVAL 5 x 1000.00 5000.00        
        10TH MAGIC 10 x 800 8000.00  
        11TH MAGIC 11 x 800 8800.00  
  TOTAL FUNDING   R 15250.00 Total Profit Shared   R 52800.00  
What's the assurance of success in this system?
The benefit system structure is well designed as not to fail at any moment supported by the EMI system. Every one who purchase this online recharge software, will have to fund your account in the profit sharing at the prescribed intervals so as to emphasis on the active participation in the revolutionary concept of profit sharing.
Don't be worried, you will not have to pay it from your pocket. It will be automatically get deducted from your benefit wallets.
Note : Without the funding to the next intervals, you will not be promoted to get the further profit sharing benefits.
Are you worried about a sharing partner?
You can make a difference!
by just referring your near & dear one to this revolutionary benefit system & get rewarded by the referral system.
Direct Referral Bonus   Matching Referral Bonus  
 R 200.00 for every direct referral.    R 200.00 for every Matching Referral Pair.  
Supreme Matching Bonus
Now additionally get the benefit of matching bonus. Company introduced this bonus to boost your earnings & grow rapidly to complete your dreams.
Earn the exclusive Supreme matching bonus of R 100 on every matching. Daily Capping : R 5000/-
One smart earning is by becoming Direct Sponsor : R 100 /- Get additional earning opportunity on Unilevel Matching : R 50/-
As the Matching Referral Bonus is based on Team work. It has the daily limit of R5,000.00 (per day).
20% Admin Charge is applicable to Every profit sharing benefits.
10% + 5% TDS and Miscellaneous Charges are applicable. (As and when)
Trimming is applicable.
Minimum Withdrawal : R 500/-
Withdrawal Date : 10th, 20th & last day of the Month.
Leader is providing unique recharging options & benefits on it.
PayUMagic is a website where you can manage your mobile prepaid account. It is a one stop shop for all your prepaid needs. Need not to purchase recharge vouchers. The exciting thing with payumagic is that, everyone will earn commission on every recharge they do.
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